(meteorobs) Earth-grazer definition question

Roberto Gorelli md6648 at mclink.it
Fri Nov 20 14:48:14 EST 2015

On Fri, 20 Nov 2015 10:23:04 -0800
  Robert Lunsford <lunro.imo.usa at cox.net> wrote:


> My own definition for an earthgrazer is a meteor that appears when 
>its radiant lies near the horizon. This circumstance will produce 
>long meteors that last for several seconds due to the fact that they 
>skim the upper atmosphere without penetrating very deeply into the 


> Robert Lunsford

Too I remember this fact, in Italy we said that there was a half of 
hour around mid night, when the earth-grazings can to saw, in general 
only two or three for the low ZHR caused from the radiant rising from 
the horizon, they was all time the first Leonids that we can saw in a 
Best greetings.
Roberto Gorelli

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