(meteorobs) July 15/16 2016 observations from North Florida - Anincredible run!

Koen Miskotte k.miskotte at upcmail.nl
Sun Jul 17 04:32:02 EDT 2016

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your july reports. It was fun reading them.
Unfortunately, between 10 june and 17 july we had not a single clear night in the Netherlands. There were some partial clear nights good for all sky and CAMS work, but not good enought to do some serious observations.
In the period of August 2 to August 14 I will observe the Perseids from Revest du Bion, Provence, Southern France. Together with Michel Vandeputte and his family. Hope the weather there is fine, just as it was in 2013 and 2015.
Best wishes and good luck for the coming weeks.

From: Paul Jones 
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Subject: (meteorobs) July 15/16 2016 observations from North Florida - Anincredible run!

Greetings yet again all,
     For a truly amazing sixth morning in a row and thanks to the glorious Bermuda High, I was able to get out for another look at the pre-dawn meteor activity from Butler Beach.  As usual, there was a lot going on indeed!

     I got there just before 0330 EDT, with the moon still up but sinking fast in the west.  My new friend the shrimp boat "city of lights" was there again, but farther offshore this time and well to the NE of me - thankfully...;o).  Thin shreds of cirrus clouds covered a good chunk of the far northern sky, but the rest of the sky was perfect.  I was pumped to get started!

    I began observing at 0335 EDT, and in the mere 13 minutes from then until the moon set at 0348 EDT,  I saw 6 meteors with 3 of them being PERs!  It was obvious right away that this morning was going to be a rerun of yesterday morning and it hardly let up from there.

Here's the results:

Observed for radiants:

CAP - alpha Capricornids
SCA- sigma Capricornids
JPE - July Pegasids
PPS - pi Piscids
CAN - C Andromedids
ANT - Anthelions
PER - Perseids 
PSA - psi Cassiopeids
SDA - South delta Aquariids

July 15/16 2016, observer: Paul Jones, Location: Butler Beach, Florida (about three miles south of St. Augustine, Beach, Florida), Lat: 29.79 N, Long: 81.26 W., LM: 6.5, clear, Facing: east

0335 - 0435 EDT (0735 - 0835 UT), Teff: 1.0 hour, No breaks
8 PER: +1(2), +2(2). +3(2), +4, +5
3 SDA: +2, +3(2)
1 PPS: +3
1 PSA: +4
1 CAP: +1
1 SCA: +2
2 JPE: +2, +3 
1 ANT: +3
13 SPO: +1(2), +2, +3(4). +4(3), +5(3)
31 total meteors

9 of the 31 meteors left trains, several of the PERs were distinctly yellow in color.

0435 - 0505 EDT (0835 - 0905 UT), Teff: .5 hour, No Breaks
3 PER: -3, +2 +4
2 SDA: +2, +3
1 CAP: +2
9 SPO: +1(2), +2(2), +3(2). +4(2), +5
16 total meteors

6 of the 16 meteors left trains, the -3 PER was white with a short train, one of the SPOs was a blue-white +1 with a three second train.

     The predictably busy first hour featured a surprising 8 PERs and 3 nice SDAs low in the southern sky.  The first hour ended at 0435 EDT and then two minutes later, at 0437 EDT, I picked the -3 PER off the SE horizon, barely five degrees up, it lit up the cirrus haze down near the horizon!  It would have been a real beauty had it split the meridian...maybe even a fireball ;o).    

     I was able to "take it to the limit" observing this morning as the waxing moon will pretty much take over things now for many nights.  As soon as it begins to clear the sky again later this month, I hope to be back at it again to see if the Bermuda High will keep on doing its thing for us.  Sure hope so, LOTS more to see up there...

Clear skies all, Paul J in North Florida

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