(meteorobs) Fw: Strong sporadic-E at the moment- conicident with Arietids?

Jay Hainline ka9cfd at mtcnow.net
Tue Jun 7 15:25:21 EDT 2016

Hello Michael. I don't know where you live or how high your antenna is but
it is very possible you are picking up local radio interference that is
affecting your observations. Switching power supplies for all kinds of
electronic things are notorious for emitting radio frequencies carriers
across the spectrum. As for sporadic e and being an amateur radio operator,
I like to use this site to see where sporadic e clouds may be on-going:


=N> &Frec=50&ML=M&Map=NA&DXC=N&HF=N&GL=N


Click on the 50 MHz tab to see where contacts are being made on the amateur
6 meter band. Or click on the MUF ES tab to get an idea where the e clouds
are located and how high in frequency the MUF (Maximum Usable Frequency) is
calculated to be.


I hope the information is helpful. 


Jay Hainline  KA9CFD

Colchester, IL




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 Here, I have moved to a new place and my radio meteors have dropped a lot,
I cannot put dipole on 
the new apt roof here and also I am lower on the 2nd flloor with 2 big trees
in front. All I can do is put my antenna on the 
tree but only can aim to the south, bad for me as I was able to point it
more NNW.  

 I do see and hear a few pings ( use Spectrum Lab) And monitor analogue and
digital carriers. They are there but
not as many.

I have asked myself if the problem was atmospheric also,  my background
static does not sound like before but more
"garbbled"  and the main video tone 77.25 MHz fades in and out at times ,
also the static on 76.310 MHz - digital TV 5 sounds
a bit like the ocean waves in and out also. 

 Could the problem be Sporadic- E ?

 As for NLC, there have been out bursts in West Canada,  but I have nt see
any here in Halifax ( 44N) for the last 28

 Is there a way to know if this is all atmospheric problems and not my

Thanks in advance,,,

Clear skies
Michael Boschat
Halifax Center - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 
Astronomy page:  http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~aa063


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