(meteorobs) No Daytime Arietids for me this morning (June 7/8, 2016)

Paul Jones jonesp0854 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 05:52:41 EDT 2016

Hi all,
     Just got in from a 1.25 hour pre-dawn watch under mostly top notch
skies down at the Matanzas Inlet site.  I didn't see any obvious candidates
for the  Daytime Arietids (ARIs), although I did see 14 total meteors
during the session and had a lovely golden-yellow -3 Anthelion.
     A couple of the sporadics did generally line up with the projected
radiant, but it was still below the horizon at the time and their path
length was all wrong for where I saw them in the sky, so I called them SPOs.
     Oh well, the -3 ANT made the watch worthwhile  and I'm just glad I had
a chance to get out at all and look or them, considering 24 hours earlier,
I was caught in a TS Colin torrential downpour!  .  Did anyone else have
any luck catching any?

Cear skies, Paul J in North Florida
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