(meteorobs) No OCC Meteors Oct. 6/7, but a GIA fireball

george gwgliba at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 15:57:43 EDT 2016

         Screech Owl Hill Observatory,  Mountain Meadows  
                Mathias, West Virginia - October 6/7, 2016

Although I didn’t do any formal recoded meteor observing last night, 
while I was dong other types of observing I was lucky to catch a nice 
slow yellow -4 magnitude GIA fireball that occurred at 00:29 UT.  It was 
the best GIA meteor I have ever seen, but that isn’t saying much as I have 
only seen a few of them over my many years of meteor observing.  Besides 
the Barred Owl that was heard close-by, the field crickets also added to the 
serenity of the night.  Unfortunately, it clouded up later.  Tonight looks to be 
pretty bleak as we are socked in solid with clouds and rain.

Starry Skies,

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