(meteorobs) OCT meteors in the evening Oct. 5.

Esko Lyytinen esko.lyytinen at jippii.fi
Sat Oct 8 12:08:44 EDT 2016


The eveninng darkened here in Finland when the expected maximum was 
going, and only the end parts were assumedly observed.

This link has the BTrail image of suspect OCT's from four Finnish meteor 
or fireball cameras.

There are 22 suspect OCT trails and three of these were two station 
meteors leaving the assumed meteor count to 19.
One of the two station meteors had the radiant so much (something like 5 
or 10 degrees) aside that not so sure if OCT.
Of this count 12 were before 18:03  and 10 were during one hour, making 
it quite probable that most of these belonged to the expected OCT maximum.


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