(meteorobs) [Admin] Server update

Brewster LaMacchia lamabrew at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 13:29:04 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I'm the person that has the server that Lew Gramer has hosted this list 
and site on. I don't normally subscribe to the list but have just added 
myself to watch for problems as we prepare to transition to a new server 
in a few weeks.

As some of you saw in your email today was a message welcoming you to 
the list. That was supposed to be a dry run of moving the meteorobs site 
to the new server and it was not expected that it would have generated 
any emails. Sorry for any confusion, next time I'll post a heads-up that 
we're testing just in case something unexpected sneaks out again.

One of the things that will be handled on the new server is mail from 
domains that use DMARC as an anti-spam measure. At present when both the 
sender and receiving domain of an email use DMARC, mailman (on the old 
server) is unable to deliver the message as DMARC doesn't allow normal 
operation of mail lists. The upgraded version of mailman on the new 
server will handle that better, though it results in the From address 
being the list and not the sender, so a reply might go to everyone if 
your email client doesn't use ReplyTo correctly.

There will also be a change will be to the anti-spam system. As some of 
you are aware messages are sometimes quarantined for a while as there's 
no automatic notifications.  I'm still sorting out how the new server is 
going to handle spam, and I do hope it's all stable when we switch 
servers, but there might be some initial problems. I will try and 
preserve the current whitelist. We don't whitelist all subscribers as 
sometimes spoofed email can look valid to the system so checking the 
content on everything helps limit what might slip through.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Lew.



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