(IAAC) Apologies for IAAC outages!

Lew Gramer owner at visualdeepsky.org
Mon Oct 30 11:50:06 EST 2006

Apologies to those who have experienced problems accessing 'netastrocatalog' 
email list or our Website http://www.visualdeepsky.org the last few days!

Our internet presence experienced some hiccups - but we believe those should 
all be ironed out now! I'll post again (or email all of you individually if I 
have to) should new problems crop up this week...

And sorry to have been absent last week - believe it or not, I really was on a 
desert island in the Bahamas, studying coral reefs! :) (And yes, the skies on 
the island were truly amazing. But no, sadly, I was working too hard at my 
job to do any all night observing sessions while I was there.)

Clear skies to all,
Lew Gramer
owner at visualdeepsky.org

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