(IAAC) NGC 6822 - Newtonian 17.5" (445mm) F/4.5

Yann POTHIER yann.pothier at tiscali.fr
Sun Oct 28 12:20:17 EDT 2007

Observer: Yann POTHIER (France)
Your skill: advanced (many years)
Object: NGC 6822
Category: irregular local group galaxy
Constellation: SGR
Object data: Vmag*=8.2, 15.4'x14.2'
RA/DE: 19h44m56.6s, -14°48'25" (2000.0)
Date and UT of observation: 10 august 2007, 22h40 UT
Location & latitude: La Clapiere Obs. (France, latN44 40 00, longE06 27 36)
Site classification: rural, alt.1650m (5500ft)
Limiting magnitude (visual in UMi): 6.31 (30% of the time)
Transparency (1 to 5 - best to worst): 1
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 2
Height above horizon: 30°
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: Coulter 445mm/17.5" F/4.5
Magnification: 80-426x
Filters used: OIII, UHC, Hbeta

Description: from 125 to 271x, medium to large 
galaxy, very very faint (low surface brightness) 
although seen continuously with averted vision at 
80x; elongated N-S about 9.1'x6.7' but its 
ill-defined edges are complicating the size 
estimate; a very slightly brighter central bar is 
elongated along the same axis, about 6.0'x2.8'; 
some HII regions and OB associations are visible 
(independant entries Hubble V, IC 1308, Hubble 
III and HKL 88-28, -31, -34, -37, -41), all in 
the N part of the galaxy and some faint galactic 
stars are spreaded over the glow (one of mag.12 
is along the E border).


Carpe noctem, Yann.

Yann Pothier
11 impasse Canart, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE
yann.pothier at fnac.net

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