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MeteorObs -
an Internet forum for meteor observers of all levels

meteorobs - Email Access to the List

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To post a message to the whole meteorobs list, just send an email to the address: meteorobs@meteorobs.org

All messages sent to the mailing list are distributed to all its subscribers, and are then stored in an archive accessible on the World Wide Web at: http://www.meteorobs.org/maillist/maillist.html

This Archive can also be searched using our Keyword Search Form.

To subscribe or unsubscribe meteorobs, please send a message to the email address: majordomo@meteorobs.org
with your name and your e-mail address in one of the following formats: subscribe meteorobs myaddress@my.domain.net end Or: unsubscribe meteorobs myaddress@my.domain.net end

Or use the MeteorObs Subscription Web form!

The "Digest Version" of meteorobs is a more convenient (but less timely) way to keep up with the posts to the list! Instead of receiving each individual email, you get a single large message, packed with all the posts to the list so far that day.

To move yourself to the Digest of meteorobs, please send a message from your subscribed account, to the automated MajorDomo email address: majordomo@meteorobs.org
making sure your email body contains the following text:

subscribe meteorobs-digest unsubscribe meteorobs end

The (large) 'meteorobs' Web Archive is also searchable by keyword! Use this simple Web search form... Or you may retrieve the *HTML* results of a keyword search of this archive, by emailing the address majordomo@meteorobs.org with a message containing the following commands: grep meteorobs <your-keyword-here> end Or to actually retrieve all the HTML files returned by 'grep', use: a message containing the following commands: retrieve meteorobs <your-keyword-here> end

For example, you may find all past articles relating to the suspected "Xi Bootid" meteor shower by searching for "xi.bootid.*" in our Web form, or by submitting the command "retrieve meteorobs xi.bootid.*...

NOTE: Please never send subscribe or unsubscribe requests to the 'meteorobs' mailing list address!

NOTE: If either of the Archive or Keyword Search options above are not functioning correctly, there are two EXTERNAL sites which both maintain searchable partial archives of the 'meteorobs' Mailing List:

"Yahoo!" maintains a searchable and browsable archive of 'meteorobs', which covers all posts since Januray 1997. You can even sign up to receive 'meteorobs' (indirectly) through this site!

Here's another wonderful tool for browsing and searching 'meteorobs', and many other astronomical mail archives, which also covers our posts back to 1997:

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer <dedalus@alum.mit.edu>