(meteorobs) S. African Fireball

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George Zay

<< Subj:	 [ASTRO] Meteor fall (Initial reports)
 Date:	98-05-03 15:21:18 EDT
 From:	zasah52@iafrica.com (Bill Hollenbach)
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 I have been in contact with farmers in the area of the suspected fall.
 According to reports, it should have been picked up by Satelites.
 Eyewitnesses report it came in from Alexander Bay (-28:30'??" long:
 16:30"00" east) , over Noord Oewer (Long 17:30:00 Lat -28 45:00)
 passed over Goodhouse and exploded east of Pofadder. (long 19:20:00 Lat: -29
 20:00). There were very loud sonic booms as it "broke into a couple( 4-5)
 white pieces " earlier during its flight.
 All along the path it was a lot brighter and bigger than the Moon (First
 Pofadder area repots very loud explosions and weird whistling sounds.
 The area is very sparcely populated and chances of recovery, if it fell,
 very very remote.
 I will keep you up to date, as I have been in touch with the Radio people.
 Keep well.<<


Just been informed by the SAAO about this fall.
Will contact people and let the list know ASAP
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From: John A.R. Caldwell <jac@da.saao.ac.za>
To: Bill Hollenbach <zasah52@iafrica.com>
Date: 03 May 1998 06:24
Subject: massive meteor

>there apparently was a truly exceptional meteor fall in
>the northern Cape
>a lot of people were staggered by it, and some have
>estimated where it might have landed
>here are some of the telephone notes made here
>about 3:10 am
>Mr. Dekker Stadler
>farm Droegrond
>very big and bright, no sound, explosions, pieces coming off
>very slow, took 40-60 seconds to cross the sky, looked
>VERY low
>seen from Kakamas and Pofadder, coming in from direction
>Oranjemund, crossed the entire sky west to east
>about the same as the usual airline route
>Mr. Frans Waal (sp?)
>offc (012) 421-3327
>home (012) 998-8912
>over the Orange River
>massive, seen by many people
>he knows of notes to indicate where it fell
>people were quite excited
>John Caldwell
>(there may be some inaccuracies, as these
>phone calls go)