(meteorobs) eta Aquarids

Hi All

Well this morning (May 4/5) was a bit better, with Teff=2.25 hours I logged
51 meteors, 37 of them eta Aquarids with LM=5.9.  26 etas came in the last
hour, with 5 in the last 3 minutes.  We'll see what the rates are like
tomorrow, May 5/6.

Norman wrote:
>This was the faintest Eta display I've
>seen, averaging only 3.25m for 16 of them in dark sky.


George wrote:
>Also I agree with Norman about the eta aquarids being faint. Of my 10
>eta aquarids, one was +5, three were +4, one was +3, three were +2, and two
>were +1. This gave me a mean of 2.8 under a 6.0 sky.

I also thought the etas seemed a bit faint this year, but after the above
postings I did a quick analysis, and the data does not seem to indicate
anything different from previous years.  By way of comparison my mean
magnitudes are
      1998 = 2.57 (98 etas so far), this mornings mean = 2.49
      1997 = 2.52 (243 etas)
      1995 = 2.61 (175 etas)

Adam Marsh wrote:
>Over the last 2 nights our observing group also noticed some interesting
activity from the Sco/Sag radaint confirmed by the 2 other observers I was
with last night.  Has any one else noticed this ?? 

Adam, a large portion of my sporadics emanate from Grus and Pisc. Australis.
Since May 1 I've logged 4 out of 52 sporadics emanating from Sco/Sgr.
Nothing at all in the days before May 1.  As usual the May Capricornids (3
radiants) are quite active.

Just my 2 pence worth.