(meteorobs) Solar activity and meteors (reply)

Hello George, Rainer and others,

The influence of solar activity on meteor rates is WELL established! 
Lindblad already wrote about this in 1978 in Nature, and the effect is 
made very clearly visible by Peter jenniskens in his 1994 Astron. 
Astroph. paper with observational data over several years. Average rates of 
sporadics and maximum rates of Perseids 
and Orionids very clearly show an 11-year cycle parralel with the solar 
cycle, with peak rates during lowest solar activity in the cycle and vice 
versa. Consult Peter's A&A article for more details (also available in 
electronic form on the DMS website 
<http://home.wxsdot nl/~terkuile/meteors/dms.htm>. Note the address change! 
the old adres (www.pidot net etc....) also still works for a few weeks).

-Marco Langbroek

PS: I am sorry rainer, but I just think that rate variability due to 
solar activity cycle is backed well by the data.