(meteorobs) Re: NWM 98May5/6 Eta Aqr still same

One last night for Eta Aquarids in 1998 : the common max night of May 5/6.
I was out 412 - 555 EDT  (812 - 955 UT) and saw 27 meteors in 1:43 hours.
There were 16 Eta Aquarids, 1 Alpha Scorpiid, and 10 sporadics.  The sky
began at LM6.5, then became 7.0 from 426 to 539 EDT.

The regular hour 426 - 526 had 12 Eta Aquarids, marginally the best yet.
Four more came before dawn reduced the sky limit at 539.  The 16 Etas seen
in 7.0 sky averaged 2.75m, boosted by more brighter ones and fewer faint
ones.  There were three +1m, six +2m, two +3m, three +4m, one +5m, and one
+6m.  No meteors were seen brighter than +1m.  The best I could do on Etas
this year was  -1m.

The next night had some clouds coming across at the critical time, so I
cancelled observing plans.  A lot of smoke and haze is back, but there won't
be much to miss for a while.