(meteorobs) FWD: meteor observatory

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Subject: (meteorobs) FWD: meteor observatory
From: Steve & Kate Nicoletti <sknicole@arkansasdot net> (via Lew Gramer)
Date: Wed, 20 May 98 11:05:16 -0400

Mr. Gramer,

My name is Steve Nicoletti, and I am a science teacher at Blytheville High 
School in Arkansas. We just received a grant to establish a meteor
by exploiting the forward scatter of radio waves off meteor trails.

Before starting this experiment with my students, I would like to get a
hand look at an operational meteor observatory using forward scatter.

Thanks for your time,
Steve Nicoletti


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I am set up for forward scatter radio meteor observing though I am not
active full time these days. I work at commercial FM frequencies --usually
91.1 MHz and 91.9 MHz--and am located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Actually,
Arkansas is one of my forward scatter directions and I make common meteor
contact with KASU-FM in Jonesboro and other stations in the Ozarks as well
as Carbondale, Illinois stations, about 800-1000 miles distant or so.

Have you experimented with forward scatter yet?  

You are welcome to visit my setup but I must tell you that I am not
equipped for computerized data recording which is a great weakness. I
generally use a paper strip chart recorder and also audio record using a
VCR as stereo tape recorder with WWV time stamp. 

A couple of years ago I stopped full time monitoring so as to utilize my
workshops which cause great electrical interferences that disrupt my radio
meteor work. But I keep my antennas in good order for tape recording shower

If I can be of assistance by email please feel free to contact me.

I also want to alert you to the strong daytime radio meteor showers
ocurring around June 7-9, the June Arietids and zeta Perseids. These are
great showers for tuning into forward scatter.

Best regards,
Tom Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
35.41 N  105.57 W
Santa Fe, New Mexico