(meteorobs) FWD: [Self-introduction]

[Dr. Foschini sent me this self-introduction some time ago. Forgive me for taking so long to forward it! Clear skies, -Lew]

Dear Lew,

I apologize for giving you a short introduction to myself only now. I am
a 33 years old scientist and actually I have a fellowship at the FISBAT
Institute of the Italian National Research Council. My research fields
are various, but I have a special interest in meteors and meteoroids.

You can find other data about my scientific interest at my personal home
page (the address is listed below).

For the moment I have subscribed to meteorobs for sake of curiosity.
However, it is worth noting that I really believe in communication
among scientists (including amateur astronomers).

I do not know what will can be my contribution to your mailing list,
because I have several projects to carry out. But I hope to give you
something of use.

Thank you very much,

Dr. Luigi Foschini
CNR - FISBAT Institute
Via Gobetti 101, I-40129 Bologna (Italy)
tel. +39 51 639.9620/9622; fax  +39 51 639.9654
E-mail: L.Foschini@fisbat.bo.cnrdot it
WWW: http://www.fisbat.bo.cnrdot it/homepp/dinamica/foschini.html