(meteorobs) Slightly off topic...US DOD Fireball releases...ooops

>>...the Air Force [is] not obligated in
>>any way to send out military surveillance data to the public...

>That is almost certainly correct.  But it ought not to be.  Unless there 
>a clear and present danger to national security 

When I first brought up the issue of national security,  some people
scoffed at the idea because the Cold War is over.
The recent nuclear tests by India is a good example of the
the real and present dangers of releasing military surveillance data.  
A couple of years ago, the US military showed India some of their 
surveillance data on
how they were monitoring their nuclear progress, in the hopes this
were deter India.  India instead turned around and used this knowledge
to plan and execute their recent underground nuclear tests so it would go
undetected by the US military satellites.    They could of easily have used
the same information to launch, undetected,  a nuclear bomb at Pakistan
Even though the cold war is over, the nuclear threat by other countries is 

Ron Baalke