Re: (meteorobs) (Fwd) Re: Campground et al...

Kim Hay wrote:

>Hi Cathy & Mark and Everyone!!
>I hope everyone caught the double night crossing of MIR!!!


Was it the one that passed fairly early evening yesterday (26/27),
that crossed a high path in the south moving slowly from west to east, 
about magnitude 0 ??

I was not aware of it, but if it is, I certainly had luck as my 
camera/tripod were right in front of me. Snapped some shots of it.

Speaking of satellites, is there ever so many of them criss crossing the 
whole night this time of year !

(BTW, sorry Kim, for me, with the new job I wont be able to make it to 
the meeting. I'm looking to get a least a bit of time off to go at
Starfest this August.)    

Pierre Martin
Ottawa, Ontario, CAN
Meteor observing and Graphic design