(meteorobs) Re: FWD: Meteor or something else?

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>To: Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com>
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Dear Mr. Gramer,
I saw this meteor type object which I described in my first message in
Davie Florida.  It is actually the western part of Ft. Lauderdale,FL.  The
object was very close in fact now I recall, that it might have hit us if
it was about 30-40 ft lower!!!  I really can't believe it.  I have never
been so close to something like that.  

To define the speed, it may have been going at mabey 100 mph, its really
hard to tell.  It seemed faster than an airplane.  But then it
popped/crackeled and disappeared.  I didn't see anything fall.

The whole sighting lasted about 10-seconds.  There was no streaking or
white trail so to speak.

I don't know if I am convinced it was a meteor.  Aren't they supposed to
breakup as soon as they hit out atmosphere??  The one we saw was
definitely in our atmosphere and quite low to the ground. 

Do you think it could have been a star.  Would it have some similarities
to a meteor?  Do you think it could have been some sort of craft?  I've
seen way too many X-file episodes..  Although as I mentioned before, that
I have seen a low flying craft once before in my backyard in Hollywood
about 3:00am in the morning that was not an airplane. I woke up from sleep
and looked out my patio doors and there it was.  It had blinking red and
green lights underneath and it was sort of round but it was small, but not
as small as the flying meteor.  The meteor seemed about 3-5 ft across.
The calculations are really hard to remember.

Has anyone else ever described such an event to you?  I'm pretty positive
I was not dreaming.  And of course I don't do drugs and I was not drunk on
either occaison.

Please respond and thank you for your reply!!

April Mitchinson
aprilmit@hpd.acast.novadot edu