(meteorobs) Re: FWD: Meteor or something else?

It was not a point of light against the sky at all.  This object had a
shape that seemed close to being circular, glowing bright, bright, bright
and it seemed only 40-feet above our heads!  It was shooting through the
air at a very fast speed a little faster than an airplane.  In fact when
it jumped into our sights, all of the sudden, because we didn't see it
coming, it looked like a ufo of some sort but glowing like a star.  It was
coming from the south heading north.  Then after about 10 seconds, like i
said, crackel pop and then disappeared.  Nothing fell to the ground.  I
even wonder if anyone else saw this.  Did you have any other reports about
this incident that was the 23 or 24 of May, 1998?  I am glad i had someone
with me, otherwise people may think i am crazy.

I'm happy to here that you know about Florida.  Where are you living now?
Are you still in this area?  Did you ever see anything"weird" here, like
ufo's or something?

April Mitchinson
aprilmit@hpd.acast.novadot edu

On Mon, 1 Jun 1998, Lew Gramer wrote:

> Hey, April, I know Davie well! Actually grew up in Homestead (you might call it 
> "The Davie of Dade" :>), and I have folks still in N. Lauderdale.
> Did you see any appreciable size or shape in this bright object you saw, or did 
> it just appear as a (maybe big) point of light moving across the sky?
> Clear skies!
> Lew Gramer