(meteorobs) Re: FWD: [Query re: Leonids and Draconids]

Hi, Scott, and thanks for writing!

The event you're probably describing is the "Leonids", a meteor shower which 
occurs every year in mid-November. What's special about their apparitions in 
1998 and 1999, is that a "meteor storm" is predicted to POSSIBLY occur during 
the shower: in other words, a brief period when the normal 10-50 meteor per 
hour suddenly shoots up to 10-10,000 meteors per SECOND, and the sky appears to 
literally "fill with falling fire"!

You will get more responses from other subscribers to 'meteorobs', but one 
place you could try to do your own research on the Web is:
        http://www-space.arc.nasadot gov/~leonid

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer

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