Re: (meteorobs) An aside remark

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<< I beleive satellites are visible through out night.  Not all satellites
 you. The ones in near Earth orbit are only visible in a small window around
 and dusk.  Given the proper altitude, satellites can be seen throughout the
 night.  I remember one dark and particularly cold and clear December night
 whilst viewing Geminids I noticed a satellite in polar orbit.  It was through
 pair of binoculars though, I could not see it unaided. >>

Well first off, we were talking about Iridiums.  We were talking about
mistaking Iridiums with meteors, not faint satellites that can only be seen
with binocs. Iridiums use the sunlight to produce the glint we see. Which
happens before dawn and after dusk. Secondly, all satellites are in orbit so
of course they can be seen all the time. They just don't go off and park
somewhere during the night. Please read the threads all the way thru before