(meteorobs) Educate Oneself re: Iridium Flares

Hi Ron,

        The meteorobs list has been discussing this thread for the several weeks
now.  These "Iridium flares" are actually satellites, that at certain times, can
be mistaken for meteors/fireballs...

Please check the internet at the following 2 locations:

   1.)  http://www2.satellite.eu.org/sat/vsohp/iridium.html

   2.)  http://www2.gsoc.dlrdot de/satvis/iridiumhelp.html

And you will find all you need to know.


La Jolla, California

Hi all
I don`t want to sound uneducated - ;o)  - but what is an Iridium Flare? 
(I once had some purple flares back in the 60`s)
Keep watching the skies
Ron Johnson in Morecambe UK
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