Re: (meteorobs) Iridium flares and meteor photography

KevTK@aol.com wrote:

> Well that was the 2d point of my post that you snipped off. I said that I see
> them and hr or 2 after sunset and an hr. or 2 before sun rise. If sunset is at
> 9:45 pm local (or so)  where will 2 hrs leave us?
> K

Hi  Kevin

Here are more information for my location and the source of those informations are

GSOC Satellite Visibility at the url : http://www2.gsoc.dlrdot de/

Sun Data for Thursday, 04 June, 1998
Observer's Location: ( 46.77N, 71.34W)
Local Time:  Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00)
Sun  Rises at 04:53
        Maximum elevation 65.7 at 12:43
        Sets at 20:34

Iridium Flares :
Observer's Location : ( 46.77N, 71.34W)
Local Time: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00)
06 Jun; local time : 00:43:38;  Iridium 64
07 Jun; local time : 00:37:35;  Iridium 67

So iridium flares can be seen here aroud 4 hours before surise or 4 hours after

I think that the principal factor is the latitude because near the equator the sun
set almost
perpendiculary to the horizon and Iridium flares could not be seen near midnight.
Here especially near solstice the sun set less perpendiculary to the horizon than
at your location Kevin and it is one important factor for observing Iridium flares
near midnight.

Hope this information can help, but I am not an expert in satellites observation.

Gaetan Chevalier