(meteorobs) Weekly IRC Meteor Chat on Saturday!

    As usual, there will be an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) session
    about meteor observing this Saturday at 11am EDT (which is also
    15:00 UT). This time and day is aimed at all observers, but in
    particular those residing in UK and Europe, for whom our other
    sessions on Monday nights (8pm EDT, 00:00 UT) are inconvenient.

    To attend, download a copy of one of the many IRC "client
    programs" (a good one for Windows is called "mIRC", and one for
    the Mac is "IRCle": both are available as try-to-buy shareware
    on the Internet). Once you have an IRC client on your computer,
    connect to the server on "DALnet" known as: centurion.daldot net

    After connecting to centurion.daldot net, you'll need to enter the
    IRC command for joining a chat session: /join #namn
    The "#namn" is the name of our meteor chat session. Good luck,
    and we look forward to "seeing" you on the "#namn channel"!

    Lew Gramer
    Co-Channel Operator of #namn
    Internet Coordinator, N.A.M.N.