Hi, Jesus... I've unsubscribed you from 'meteorobs'.

I'm sorry someone played the mean trick of subscribing you to many email lists 
at once. Also, you were not unsubscribed by me as quickly as you might have 
been, because you did not indicate before that your actual subscription address 
was "natas@zipdot net.au", NOT "natas@zip.com.au".

However, none of this excuses the pointless and inappropriate use of profanity 
which you displayed to the nearly 300 other subscribers on our list, not to 
mention the 30-60K of material which you clogged the mailboxes of serious 
amateur astronomers all around the world with - especially because you WERE 
emailed instructions on how to unsubscribe as soon as you were subscribed.

As you continue learning to make use of the privilege of the world wide 
Internet, please keep in mind that there are some BASIC rules of etiquette to 
be observed - for all our sakes.

Thanks, and clear skies,
Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@latrade.com>