(meteorobs) Looking for maps

Important informations that are given by MapBlast, the very useful site
given by
Edward Miller at : http://www.mapblast.com/yt.hm?FAM=mapblast&SEC=start

Canada! Does MapBlast work the same?
We've recently added Canadian maps which allows you to browse and use
most of the normal MapBlast features in Canada. When entering a Canadian
address you will need a City (Province optional) or Postal Code, plus
click on the Country popup to select Canada. We don't find street
addresses at this time, but you'll find that Postal codes get you pretty
close. Also at this time there are no Driving Directions for Canada.

Our Advanced address interface allows you to input a Latitude and
Longitude to locate your map. We represent these measurements in
degrees, so a typical location (Statue of Liberty) has a Latitude of
40.6897 and a Longitude of -74.0453. Other references may represent
these coordinates in other formats. For example, in a Rand McNally Atlas
they show Boston, MA as 42.21N 71.04W. This is in degrees and minutes.
To convert to degrees the minutes need to be divided by 60. So Boston
is: 42 + 21/60 = 42.35   71 + 4/60 = 71.07
Furthermore when a longitude is "W" (West of the meridian) it means it
is a negative number. Same holds true for Latitudes that are "S" (south
of the Equator). So our Boston example ends up as: Latitude 42.35,
Longitude -71.07. At this time we have maps for most of North America,
which includes the range of approximately 21 to 60 degrees Latitude and
-50 to -160 Longitude. Other areas will return a blank map.

This site is an excellent one and can be a very powerful tool in
astronomy geography etc... It gives also other useful informations
like weather and news about the address you input.

Gaetan Chevalier