(meteorobs) Re: The Draconids: questions

-- [ From: Robert Lunsford * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Pierre Martin wrote:

> Does anyone know when exactly the peak is "expected" to occure this

The peak is predicted to occur anywhere from 17-23 hours universal time
on October 8.

> Which part of the world has the best chance to see it? 

Favored locations include Western Asia, Europe, Northern Africa,
Northern South America, and Eastern North America. Should the peak occur
closer to 17:00 UT Western Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa will be
favored. Should it occur closer to 23:00 Northern South America and
Eastern North America will be favored. Those who are able to see the
peak before moonrise will have much better results than those with the
bright waning gibbous moon present in the sky.   

> Is there any past data/observations (previous years such as 1933 and
46) that
> could help determine the accuracy of those predictions ?
Data from those displays has helped us narrow the predictions down to a
6 hour period centered on solar longitude 195.40

> Finally, did anyone in the world see any sign of activity last year
around October 8-10 ?

I doubt if there were many observers out due to two factors: (1) no
activity was predicted (2) a first quarter moon was present hampering
any attempted observations.

Bob Lunsford

International Meteor Organization