Re: (meteorobs) Satellight page not working?

>Someone on this list was kind enough to post a great link for me to be
>able to see satellights that are coming over my area. 
>The link was....
>http://www2.gsoc.dlrdot de/satvis/

It is a very good site. I find it useful to predict exactly when 
satellite flares will occur. When doing meteor photography, I want
as little satellites as possible to appear on the frame. I'll make
sure to have the camera pointed away from a predicted bright satellite.

>I fell inlove with this site, but now for the last two days
>I have not been able to access it.
>Does anyone know whats up with it?
>It was a great page.
>Thanks much, Val

Works for me. But there seems to be a few problems with it now.
I often get a "busy" message from my browser (Netscape). 
If I wait a bit more, I will get through. There also seems to 
be some problems with updating the dates from the predictions.

Pierre Martin
Ottawa, Ontario, CAN
Graphic Designer (National Aviation Museum) 
Visual meteor observer
Ottawa Astro Observers Group