Re: (meteorobs) Satellight page not working?

Valencia Gandara wrote:
> Someone on this list was kind enough to post a great link for me to be 
> able to see satellights that are coming over my area.
> The link was....
> http://www2.gsoc.dlrdot de/satvis/
> I fell inlove with this site, but now for the last two days 
> I have not been able to access it.
> Does anyone know whats up with it? 
> It was a great page.
> Thanks much, Val

>>Try <http://www.gsoc.dlrdot de/satvis/>
>>Somehow you slipped a "2" after the "www".
>>It happens to the best of us! :)

     I dig this site as well, and have had trouble accessing it the past 4 days.
Incidently, the URL DOES have a "2" after the "WWW"... the site I'm referring to
lets you customize for Iridium predictions for your geographic location.... 

           http://www2.gsoc.dlrdot de/scripts/satvis/detailform.asp

     And I found the following site to be the best in determining EXACT Lat/Long
for any U.S. locations:


     Re: troubles with access...  I received "No response from server" message 
the last 4 days I tried to get "Iridium predictions for next 7 days".  Last nite
(Sunday), and today, though,  I was successful in accessing it...  And even with
my speedy T1 line, it took longer than before to call up the page.  As was 
previously mentioned by one listmember, this site seems to be getting heavy 
usage so just be patient. 

     All this Iridium flare/glint business has been quite the "thread" of late 
here on the list.... ANYONE SEE ANY METEORS LATELY!!  ;) 

     San Diego, CA