Re: (meteorobs) Tennessee meteorite?

At 05:31 PM 6/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I ran across the news this morning, and was lead to believe that it had
>basic characteristics of a meteorite.  Fused on one side, light grey
>material in the middle edges.  Hey the news has been wrong before.  Does any
>one know if there is a history of recovered meteorites in Tenn?
>~Jeremy Clay
>Atlanta, GA
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>Subject: (meteorobs) Tennessee meteorite?
>>Hi, list:
>>Yesterday there was a posting about a possible meteorite hitting a home
>>in the Nashville area and recovered by the Collections Manager at the
>>Cumberland Science Museum.  I got word from the Planetarium Curator
>>there this morning that geologists at Vanderbilt and the Museum suspect
>>it may actually be something manmade instead.  I'll keep you posted if I
>>find out anything else.

I just got a call from Lewis Levine, the museum curator who had possession
of the meteor today. He just mailed it to the proper people at the
Smithsonian. They will identify it and if it is meteoric, it will be sent
to the Pacific Northwest Laboratory to be analyzed for nucleotide activity.
The object is definitely ferrous.

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