(meteorobs) Dates for NAMNfest...

Kim et al -

Kim wrote:
>Cathy and I expect to be there at the Boyer ( if all goes well), on 
>August 12, in the am or around noon. We maybe stopping off to a few 
>stores on the way down.

Typo there, ma'am!  The first annual NAMNfest is the week of July 11-19, and
people will be staying near Green Bank, West Virginia for various day
stretches, depending on their schedules...  center of activities being the
Boyer Motel/Campground.  Kim and I will arrive on Sunday July 12th, time
dependent on how many hours my good ol' car feels like doing on the Saturday! ;>

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there...

- Cathy
  Great White North
Cathy Hall, chall@cyberusdot ca
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
RASC, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Kingston Centre
NYAA, North York Astronomical Association