(meteorobs) Possible meteor shower in Jul. 19 ?

Hello Cathy,

> Typo there, ma'am!  The first annual NAMNfest is the week of July 11-19, and

It's really a pity that I could not be able to join the NAMNfest, and I
just wonder whether you could still access to meteorobs during that period.
The reason is that I was going to send a message to meteorobs before Jul.
19 asking for help to observe possible (perhaps very less possibility)
meteors around Jul. 19 from 1997 BR, which is the first NEO discovery of
my group, and is an very interesting object (it was the most frequently
observed asteroid in 1997). The predicted radiant by Rob McNaught is
RA=175 degrees, Dec=+65 degrees. Please check my web page at
http://vega.bac.pkudot edu.cn/~zj/scap/special/neo/1997br/1997br.html

Would you be still observing there on Jul. 18 evening (Rob said that it
would be an evening shower - if there be - for northern latitudes)? Or
you already finish the fest at that time? Will there be a party during
that weekend? :)

We just had about 3 months bad weather here around Beijing, so I failed
to start my meteor observation learning course (the first step for me
is to recongnize those constellations and stars on the LM charts). There
were several observable nights last week, and I was deeply involved with
GRB observations... Anyway, I must start my first meteor observation
before Jul. 19. I just saw a very 'near' meteor (Bob Lunsford said that
it could be a -6 fireball !) on Jun. 18.68 UT, that's the first 'recorded'
observation for me after I subscribed to meteorobs in Feb.

With best regards, Jin
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