(meteorobs) Meteor Outburst Report

I copied the earlier report of a meteor outburst from the NAMN circular to
the High-Speed-Meteor-Scatter reflector, and received this reply which I
thought might be of minor interest to MeteorObs readers. If you wish more
information, contact Jim McMasters at kd5bur@gtedot net

I received another report from another ham in Maine who was operating the
annual amateur radio Field Day from a temporary location near Bangor,
Maine. He said he also heard quite a few more radio meteor reflections than
he thought usual throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning; his
operating frequency was both 28 MHz and 50 MHz. He thought most of the
reflections appeared to be east-west-directed, which is somewhat unusual as
most sporadics do a much better job of reflecting signals in the
north-south headings.

Clear skies,

Shrewsbury MA
Interesting post and one that I must make a comment on.

I was on business in rural SouthWest Arkansas in the early morning hours of
this past Sunday (yesterday). I intended to find a dark area in which to do
about 30 minutes of stargazing which I cannot do from within the city of
Texarkana where I usually work during the night. I really like the program
SKYMAP which Carl McNair, KB5WMY provided me with (shareware). My notebook
486/25 is ideal for this because being pen-based, I can detach the keyboard
and hold the small cpu/LCD right up to the sky to match up constellations,

I had no sooner stopped the car and turned out the lights than I noticed
the meteors to the West and only about 20 degrees elevation. I wondered to
myself if the high numbers of trails I was seeing was unusual or if
coincidence. This area of the sky held most of my attention during my short
stop but I honestly did not see more than two other trails anywhere else.
The "hot spot" was producing at least one visible trail per minute and
maybe more but I did not think to time them. The time was 0600z, UTC date
27 June, the Right Ascension info I can confirm but the declination is a
bit off.

Jim, KM5PO