(meteorobs) june Bootids 1995-1997

This came back, so I am resending it. Sorry if it entered twice perhaps.


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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:23:53 +0000 ()
From: Marco Langbroek <marcolan@stad.dsldot nl>
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Subject: june Bootids 1995-1997

Dear all,

With respect to the june Bootid (or 'iota Draconid'/ june-Draconid) 
outburst of last weekend, it is perhaps usefull to report that Dutch 
observers have noted a possible very low level activity of this stream in 
the period 1995-1997.

Koen Miskotte and I started to classify this stream in 1995, because 
it appeared in Peter Jenniskens' outburst catalogue (A&A 295 (1995), 
206). The observations of stream members reported below have been 
abstracted from narrative observational reports by Koen and me in Radiant 
(journ. DMS) vols. 17 (1995) p. 71-73; and vol. 19 (1997) p. 99-102; this 
log is >not< necessary complete....! Thus regard this communication as 
Koen will check the original data sheets in the DMS Delphinus archives 
this week for possible additional observations, full observational data 
and also zero detections (which we also file but which do not appear in 
the short narrative reports in "Radiant"). Koen and I always plot our 
meteors outside main 
stream maximum periods, so reclassifications from a >good, reliable< 1998 
radiant position are possible. All obs. intervals below are roughly 
centered at 0h UT by the way.

obs.        date            iDra   Lm     Teff
Langbroek   26/27-06-1995    1     6.1    1.97
Miskotte    27/28-06-1995    1     6.5    2.02
Miskotte    28/29-06-1995    1     6.1    1.92
Langbroek   28/29-06-1997    1     6.1    2.00
Langbroek   5/6-07-1997      1     6.5    1.00

It concerns very slow distinctive meteors from a radiant near RA 230, 
dec. +55, with radiant diameter taken in classifying (by Langbroek) 
approx. 15 degrees.

The data point to the possibility of a very low level annual activity 
over several days with ZHR very low, <2. Please note that with such low 
rates sporadic line-ups can occur! Since the meteors are distinctive slow 
however, it would surprise me if all the specimens reported above were in 
reality sporadics however.

More info follows when Koen finished checking the archive.

- Marco Langbroek
  Dutch meteor Society (DMS)
  Team "Delphinus"