Re: (meteorobs) Re: Zodiacal light

B Yen asks:
>What is Lodriguss' full name... ?

Apologies, BY - I was actually thinking of Michael Covington's "Astro-
photography for the Amateur", which has a section on photographing the
ZLP and even these Kordylewski libration clouds, I think. There IS a
large, fine Website by well-known astrophotographer Jerry Lodriguss:


that has one excellent photo of the Zodiacal Light, as well as a good
page on photographing meteors for AESTHETIC (not scientific) purposes:


Sirko Molau also informatively cites:
>http://wwwdot be.schuledot de/schulen/wfs/pages/Mondbeobachter/ZweiterMond/ZweiterMon

Thanks, Sirko, that site is great. BTW, according to what I think I read
there, it seems the Kordylewski clouds are actually found at L4 and L5?

>The name of our 'second moon' is [the] Kordylewski cloud. So far as I know
>there exists no photos of that cloud, and it would be a real challange for
>an amateur to take a picture of it.

Sirko, my German ist night what it used to be, but it seems as though both
Kordylewski and J. Wesley Simpson actually photographed these clouds, in
addition to their visual observations which are included in the site?

BTW, Sirko, are you aware of any coordinated effort to gather amateur obs-
ervations of any of the Zodiacal Light Phenomena?


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