Re: (meteorobs) Talk on Meteor Obseving

Lew wrote:
>>>Then once you've got their interest piqued and their respect established
in meteor science, it's an easy segue into "How can YOU contribute in
meteors?" Here, having a set of Web sites and maybe even a few brochures to
hand out will help answer many tougher questions: I know NAMN produced a
brochure for printout and hand-folding some time ago.<<<

The brochure Lew is speaking of is still available to anyone wanting a copy.
It was created in Microsoft Word and has information such as a recommended
reading list, contacts, meteor groups, and the what, why, when, how and
where of meteor observing. All of this is included in a single page,
double-sided brochure.

If you would like a copy Robert (or anyone else), just email me at the
address below.

Mark Davis, MeteorObs@charlestondot net
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
North American Meteor Network
NAMN:   http://web.infoavedot net/~meteorobs

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