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<< My friend is certain that he read an article in Wired magazine in which
 the architect of a prominent space probe said that the craft would be
 placed in a so-called "phantom-orbit": an orbit around no mass, only
 Both of us are puzzled by this. So, I'm coming to the experts.
  Does anyone know of such a thing?
  I was unable to recover any articles from Wired's archive.
  I know that there is a craft around the very weak gravity of Eros.

While I'm far from being an expert I see no easy way to put a probe in orbit 
around nothing, without spending tons and tons of propellant in direction 

I too look in Wired's archive and came up with nothing.

Yes the probe is in orbit around Eros. The gravity is low but there is still 
something there.
The escape velocity of Eros is only 22mph, and NEAR is doing only 2 mph 
around the asteroid that 21X8X8 mi approximately.


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