Re: (meteorobs) Zodiac Lights and Gegenschein

>I am new at this also. I plan to hunt for [meteorites] in the western US.

FYI, folks, our 'meteorobs' list is specifically devoted to the discussion of
METEORS primarily: these are the flash of light which occurs when cosmic dust
enters earth's atmosphere at velocities of 25,000 to 160,000 miles an hour!

In fact, once cosmic debris hits the ground, (which by the way most meteor
causing debris NEVER does!), many of us lose all interest in it.

Of course we're very open here to discussions of meteorites as they RELATE to
meteors, but there are several other lists which devote themselves to "space
rock hunting" and everything that goes with it. For those more interested in
that than in the science of meteors, I highly recommend these lists. Browse
links to the 'meteorite' and 'meteorite-list' forums here, for example:

        http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/links.html

Clear skies all!
Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@jovian.com>

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