Re: (meteorobs) Call for Observations - Kappa Leonids

Lew wrote:
> I have yet to check my visual plots from 4/5 Mar, but in response to Malcolm
> Currie's call for Telescopic Plotting, I went out last night and plotted for
> about 90 minutes (Teff just over 1.0) in the Telescopic Plotting fields 103
> and 147... No time yet to analyze these plots, but I plotted 10 telescopics,
> including a lovely trained mag 3 (and a remarkably slow telescopic it was!)

Good to hear that Lew.  At the weekend I too saw some very slow ones,
slow enough to estimate the speed in decimal degrees/sec. 
> I used a tripod-mounted 5" f/5 Jaegers refractor, 18x, 3.5o fov, TLM > 11.5.

Sounds fine.

> Telescopic plot charts were TC103 and TC147 - charts for *reflectors* which

They're designed for the 70 to 100-mm binoculars.  They are also
suitable for small Newtonian reflectors.

> necessitated some agile geometric mental gymnastics for me to plot with! (Is
> it possible to get Postscript or GIF versions of the corresponding refractor
> charts from you, Malcolm? GIF is better, as the TC already take up 45 Meg!)

With practice you can become proficient mentally inverting the field.
However, it's not recommended for accurate plotting.

The D set has a f.o.v. of 3.2 deg, but is laterally inverted, for use
with a star diagonal, which is what I think Lew means.  Have you any
other 30-35mm f.l. eyepieces, Lew?

Looks like I'm going to have to take a week's leave to blitz new online
telescopic-chart code.  The aim is to make bespoke charts, specified
using a Web form, while you wait.  Bespoke means LM, field centre, field
diameter, inverted or not.

> This was all in SPITE of considerable "deep-sky guilt" temptations from fellow
> large-telescope enthusiasts at the site during the night, including members of
> the NSAAC doing photography with a 12" LX200 and smaller scope, and members of
> ATMs of Boston using 17.5" and 16" reflectors to busily scan faint fuzzies!

Glad to see that you're getting your priorities sorted out.


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