(meteorobs) Mar 4/5 Meteor Observations From Florida

I was again watching from the Tallahassee Astronomical Society's site
east of Tallahassee, Florida. After the recent front passed through the
skies were even better than the previous session on Friday morning. The
first two hours even had LM estimates above the "hallowed threshold" of
7.0. This was a very enjoyable session as the activity was once again
impressive for a March morning. More importantly was having the company
of James Richardson, Pete Gural, Kim Youmans, Lew Gramer and Wayne Hally
to share the experience. The conversation was great all night long and
the insights of the sounds made by nearby critters provided by Jim was
most interesting.

Again surprisingly no Virginid activity was noticed even though the
radiant was in my field of view all night. Facing toward the south also
allowed inspection of the Delta Leonid radiant which provided me 3
members during the session. No activity was noticed from Malcolm's Kappa
Leonid radiant.

March 4/5 2000

0520-0620 UT  0.92  7.05  1 DLE   0 VIR   10 SPO   11  TOTAL
0620-0720 UT  0.95  7.02  0 DLE   0 VIR    7 SPO    7  TOTAL
0720-0850 UT  1.23  6.80  2 DLE   0 VIR    7 SPO    9  TOTAL

TOTALS:       3.10  6.94  3 DLE   0 VIR   24 SPO   27  TOTAL

The first column gives the period watched stated in Universal Time (UT)
which is EST + 4 hours. The second column gives the percent of that
particular hour actually spent observing the sky. Time was lost for
plotting and data entry tonight. The third column gives the average
limiting magnitude estimated during each period with a minimum of 4
estimates using at least 2 and preferably 3 different sky areas close to
my center of view. The last several columns list the activity seen
during each period.

I was facing South at an altitude of 70 degrees during the entire
session. No breaks were taken. DLE = Delta Leonid, VIR = Virginid, and
SPO = Sporadic (random activity). 


DLE:    +2 (1) +3 (1) +5 (1) AVERAGE: +3.33
SPO:    -1 (2) 0 (2) +1 (2) +2 (4) +3 (8.5) +4 (2.5) +5 (2) +6
(1)                                                           AVERAGE:

Bob Lunsford
San Diego, CA USA
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