Re: (meteorobs) telescopic meteor?

>From the description, the size and motion seem too fast for any kind of near
>Earth object, and wrong for a telescopic meteor. The motion seems possible for
>a satellite, but the size and time seem wrong. My best guess at this point is
>that he saw a bird reflecting city lights, dimly because he observes from the
>edge of town with a limited number of lights nearby.

I myself have never seen anything telescopically like your friend describes,
Dave. But I've seen high-flying birds naked eye (e.g., Canada geese individually
or in formation) which showed quite bizarre appearance and motion!

I think your explanation is much the most likely one: it matches on apparent
speed (long-range migrating birds can be in an amazing range of altitudes, up to
tens of thousands of feet!), and a grouping of birds poorly seen could easily
show a pattern which suggests "cratering" to a tired brain! :)

Clear skies and many "fly-overs"!
Lew Gramer

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