(meteorobs) Possible Meteorite Strike, Marion NY

Hi list! --

The message below was sent by a long-time friend of mine, Keith Eichner, a 
television meteorologist for many years in western New York.  It is self 
explanatory.  Does anybody have any suggestions for Keith?

-- joe rao

Subj:    Psbl Meteorite Strike, Marion NY
Date:   4/18/00 11:15:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   KEICHNER@rocketmail.com (Keith Eichner)
To: Skywayinc@aol.com (Joe Rao Skywayinc)

     Long time no hear.  Listen, got a call this AM
  from a fellow who thinks a meteorite struck his
  home.  Occurred during a rainstorm last Friday nite,
  at 1930 75th Meridian Time (2030 EDT).  He heard
  a loud noise that shook the house.  Days later, his
  wife noticed a hole in the roof over the porch.
     He investigates, and finds a metallic rock on the
  grounds.  It repels a magnet.  Weight about 1.5 lbs.
  And he said it smelled something terrible.  This was
  after he rinsed off the mud or soil around it with
     He has had no luck getting confirmation from the
  ROC Science Center and Planetarium here..dot can't get
  someone to look at it.
     Anyone you could think of up this way...in BUF
  or maybe at Cornell that we might contact?
     Please write back.
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