(meteorobs) "Moonlit Meteors" article about Lyrids

This is mainly to mention an April 18 "Moonlit Meteors"
article about the Lyrids on the NASA "Space Science" 

http://science.nasadot gov/headlines/y2000/ast18apr_1m.htm

Since I'm writing, I wonder what level of interest there
is -- if any! -- in casual meteor sightings that I see
from time to time when looking at the sky for other
reasons.  An example is a couple of weeks ago, a meteor
went though my binocular field and proved to be bright
and slow enough that I could follow it one-power from my
light-polluted mid-city location for three to five 
seconds.  It went nearly horizontally from WSW to SSW 
and passed near Procyon, which was near where I was 

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