(meteorobs) May 03/04 Obs., S. Carolina

I was able to observe under clear, but hazy (97% humidity) conditions for a
couple hours before going to work. No unusual activity was noted and no
Sagittarids or fireballs were observed. Below is a quick summary...full
report will be sent to IMO.

                 UT Time    Teff  ETA  SPO
May 03/04, 2000  0733-0944  2.05   11   11

I won't be able to observe tonight, but will try again Saturday night.

NAMN members and nonmembers interested in participating in our Eta Aquarid
campaign are asked to submit reports as soon as possible after the
observation ends. We are assisting IMO in collecting Eta Aquarid reports for
an upcoming Circular and so need your reports by the 7th. When the smoke
clears, all reports I receive will appear on the NAMN website in early June
as usual. Thanks in advance!!

Mark Davis, MeteorObs@charlestondot net
Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA
Coordinator, North American Meteor Network
NAMN:   http://web.infoavedot net/~meteorobs

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