(meteorobs) May Alpha Bootids appeared

Hi all

Osada,K. and Sumiyoshi,K observed on May 23/24 during 12h-15hUT.
They observed May Alpha-Bootids about HR=5 respectively.  Osada said
that these meter was very faint and all magnitude were 4 to 5.
This shower appeared in 1970 in Japan and I and Osada witnessed this
shower in 1998(see below).


I think that this shower might associated with 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3,
so I want to have follow up observation.

Radiant point (Osada, K.)
No.    YMD(UT)     CONST  R.A DEC  N d Wt Vel  Mag  HR Obs.    Remarks
1 2000 05 23.56 Alpha-Boo 210 +17 13 6  3 S-M  4.3 4.3 Osada.K
2 2000 05 23.56 Sigma-CrB 242 +34  4 4  1 M-rR 4.5 1.3 Osada.K

Clear skies!  Takema.

thashi@din.or.jp  Hashimoto, Takema
Minor Meteor Shower Circular(MMSC)
URL : http://www.din.or.jp/~thashi/index_E.htm
Nippon Meteor Society (NMS)
Association of Meteor Observers in and around Tokyo Area (AMOTA)

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