(meteorobs) Observations June 1/2


  Hoping to catch an Arietid I was out again. I started in the evening,
which is not really prime time for Arietids, but the sky was clear so I
watched anyway. LM's were good today as well, only a bit worse
than yesterday. Meteor activity was good, this time the first hour
was rather normal.
  No real highlights to report. Several +1's were the brightest, there
was also an interesting +3 sporadic, distinctly orange. At 23:34
I saw a very bright -4 satellite flare in Draco. It was no Iridium, it was
way too slow for that. 
  I spent 2 hours dodging clouds - there were isolated patches of
altocumulus clouds passing over and I just couldn't get enough
clear sky to make a decent period. I also watched casually from
00:30 to 01:20 UT for any Arietid grazers, but saw none. 
The summary:

Period		F	Lm	teff	SAG	SPO	TOT
20:49-21:50UT	1.00	6.34	0.95	1	13	14
22:58-23:58UT	1.03	6.51	0.90	2	12	14			
23:58-00:12UT	1.07	6.51	0.22	0	2	2
				2.07	3	27	30

Magnitude distribution:
SPO:	+1(3) +2(3.5) +3(5.5) +4(6.5) +5(7.5) +6(1)

SAG:	+1(0.5) +2(1.5) +4(1)

The average for the sporadics tonight was +3.56, perhaps a bit
on the faint side. The Sagittarids were bright with the average 
+2.50, if there is any sense at all in calculating an average with
3 meteors...
I was facing northeast at an elevation of around 70 degrees. This
is my usual field of view from this location.
And it's still clear today, looks like it's going to stay this way,
so I'll be out again for that Arietid...

Clear skies!!

Jure A.
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