Re: (meteorobs) 1X "binoculars" ? idea/question

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> Hey Dustin,
> I'm no physicist, and certainly not an expert on optics, but I have used a
> certain tool to observe meteors which somewhat meets your criteria.
> The tool is night-vision. This can be in the form of a CCD (charge-coupled
> device) camera hooked up to a monitor, or so-called night-vision goggles
> such as the type the military uses. The latter would offer a wide-field,
> while greatly amplifying the light of stars and meteors.
> But, you probably already knew this. Just thought I'd let you know!

> joshua

There are two kinds of night vision systems. Light-amplification systems
improve your ability to see in low-visible-light conditions, but they do not
work in complete darkness where there is no available visible light to
amplify. In caves, warehouses, and other locations where no ambient visible
light is available, you need an infrared illuminator to provide IR light for
the system to amplify and display in the visible, or a pure IR detector that
creates a visible image.

An infrared illuminator is very useful, even in conditions where a small
amount of visible light is available. It can provide enhanced imaging
capability in very-low-visible-light conditions, and offer more consistent
performance as you move from low-light to very-low-light locations.


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