(meteorobs) radiant prediction program

This email is forwarded on behalf of Lubos Neslusan, a professional meteor
specialist who is not on the meteorobs list.

To the best of my knowledge this is the only available piece of software
for doing this sort of thing that is within the public domain.

To get a "feel" for d-disc values and the program in general it is
interesting to use the orbital elements of a known meteor stream parent
body and check what sort of results the dos executable provides, for
example 3200 Phaethon & Geminids, or P/Swift-Tuttle & Perseids or
55P/Tempel-Tuttle & Leonids etc


John, JG, UK

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>   A computer program for calculation
>   of a theoretical meteor-stream radiant
>   ======================================
>   A few years ago, there was composed a computer code (in Fortran)
>for the prediction of radiant position of a potential meteor shower
>associated with a parent body, of which the orbit is well-known.
>This program can be a useful tool, e.g. in a prediction of position
>of radiant of a potential diffuse meteor shower associated with a
>newly discovered near-Earth asteroid.
>   Since I was informed that a lot of people dealing with meteors,
>also whose are grouped in the Meteorobs, have not received any infor-
>mation about the existence of the program, please let me announce
>that it can be freely downloaded through the anonymous FTP from:
>subdirectory: pub/meteors/radiant
>files: README, methods.f (Fortran 77 source code), dosmeth.exe (code
>   executable under DOS in MS-DOS Fortran; it has to be dowloaded in
>   the binary code)
>   The article briefly explaninig the methods used, proper program as
>well as its applicability was published in the Astronomy Astrophysics
>(Neslusan L., Svoren J., Porubcan V.: 1998, Astron. Astrophys. 331,
>411-413.). However, a usage of the program is easily possible also
>without reading this paper: there is a comprehensive comment in the
>beginning of source code as well as particular comments at the heading
>of each subroutine.
>Lubos Neslusan
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