Re: (meteorobs) Fwd: [EAMN] Daylight Fireball [over Queensland? Australia]

I have received further information about this event, which took place
near Cobar, NSW (31 deg 29' S, 145 deg 51' E), kindly supplied via the
brother-in-law of the observer.

"It was the 22 May between 2.20-2.30 pm [04:20-04:30 UT]. He is going to
check his charts to
get me a better fix on location and the direction the object was moving.
Apparently it move very fast. It was a brilliant blue-white about the
as an arc welder and was breaking up. The bits dropping off also glowed
blue-white. The object slowly became more red as it moved across the
The main bit didn't seem to have smoke but the broken off bits did trail
smoke. He thought it was coming in at a very steep angle. You have to
remember he was also flying a plane at the time so he didn't have all
attention on the object. He says a number of people were on the radio
immediately asking about other aircraft or military activity."

My VHF observations show no record of this event, but as Cobar is 800 km
away and about 40 degrees off the heading of my antenna, that's probably
not surprising. 

Did this one turn up in the data of any observers in NSW or Victoria?

Bruce Mitchell
Brisbane, Australia

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